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Research and Development

Europe Solar Production offers a variety of research and development services for the industry.

In 2010 we opened the Research and Development lab, which helps us to develop our technology and increase quality of our Solar modules and systems.

In the R&D area we have established cooperation with leading Universities and Institutes in Poland and other European countries. This cooperation helps us to continously improve our products and production processes. 

Close contacts with installation companies give us specific knowledge about the efficiency and functionality of our products. Which enable us to see how our solar systems work for our customers. This is valuable input, and is an important part of continously improving our high quality products in close cooperation with our customers.

Research and Development services

Research in the field of photovoltaics:

• examination of U-I characteristics (solar cells, PV panels)

• aging test (external)

• performance testing of photovoltaic installation

• insulation test

Research for Industry:

• microscope examination

• test of hazardous substances- procedure RoHS

• chemical and phase materials study

• study of the temperature distribution using thermal images cameras

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